Food package As every year you can order a Lunch and diner package! Although this year it will be slightly different.  The Bravo24 provide lunch packages, this can be collected from 10.00 in the morning at the restaurant. The lunch includes sandwiches, fruit, a muesli bar and a drink. On top of that they have some delicious soups waiting for you at the restaurant. This will be ready to consume from 11.30 till 13.30.
For dinner we have this year: different soups, sandwiches with pulled pork, vegetarian pasta’s, rice with stay and a salad.  The food stations will be in different parts of the restaurant, this will reduce the waiting time for your meal.
The costs for this food package are € 25,- per person. This need to be payed directly to Bravo24 on the day itself. The payment needs to be done before 10.00 AM. You will get a wristband for your team so the lunch packages can be collected at the restaurant at the time your team prefer.

If you would like to book this option, send us an e-mail ( before November 15th

Please note: you can book this food package individually. If you do not book a package, you can use token/coins and order the dishes separately. This evening it is not possible to order from the menu.

Token/coins at Bravo24
This year we will not open a account for every team. You can buy tokens/coins (€2,50 per token) during this day, and you can use this coins to order drinks and food at the restaurant. This way no one needs to worry about closing their account before heading home! If you have any tokens left at the end of the day you can hand them back in at the bar and get your money in return.

Enjoy your flight!

Kind regards,
Team ISR Grand Prix 2016