¡Hola! From now on, the registration for the ISR Grand Prix 2019 is open! You can simply register by clicking this link!

ISR Grand Prix 2019

¡Ay, caramba! Put on your sombrero, have some quesadillas and don’t bump into a cactus on your way to the piñatas. This year, the theme of the ISR Grand Prix 2019 will be Mexico. Shake your maracas, it’s going to be a great fiesta!


After filling in the registration form, you will receive an e-mail with additional information. You can easily start the payment by clicking on the link. Make sure you fill in your group name when ordering your tickets. The group name can be filled in as ‘organisation’.


Make sure you bring your tickets at the day of the ISR GP. This is your proof of payment.

¡Adiós y buen viaje!