Love life. Fight cancer.
The numbers are dazzling… In Holland 1 out of 3 people get cancer, more than 100.000 men and women per year… 12 persons every hour…
In our organisation we have been faced with this awful disease more than once. Now that is why we want to fight together with our competitors @ the ISR GP 2016 for the Dutch organization FIGHT CANCER! This year you are not only fighting to get as many points as possible for a medal, this year you are also going to get as many points to Fight cancer!

This concept is very simple…
Get financial sponsors for all the points your team will score at the ISR GP. This could be your regular sponsors, your family, your business partners, random people and off course you could sponsor yourself.

But wait…each team already has his first sponsor; Indoor Skydive Roosendaal will sponsor all teams competing with € 1,- per point that day! Love life. Let’s fight!

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