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Thunder ISR update from Dubai

Ok, competition is over 🙁 We ended up 8th with 26.8 average, one point behind Evolution, the French girls team, and Qatar. Our highest tunnel average so far. With practically the entire world top teams participating not bad for a bunch of weekend warriors. We felt we did a very good competition with some mistakes, but that happened to all teams. We finally won from Gavroche, our long time competition, thanks for these years of fun guys! Hope to compete against yo…u in future competitions. Also won from Black Cat, a long time high performing team, thanks for the competition and see you at Windoor. Overall we are really satisfied, we have seen much in other teams performances which we can learn from. 8way is finished as well, we had two very good rounds with the last round even a better score than the French. Would have been interesting to see how we would have done in an outdoor competition!!!!!! 8way was so much fun, and with this composition possibly we can show some more in the future. Awesome to see the Golden Knights perform incredible in the tunnel, a class in itself. It was amazing to be here and finally show our skills at the international stage with the support of Indoor Skydive Roosendaal. We hope that everybody is having a great competition at the ISR Grand Prix today. Tonight a big party in Dubai, and unfortunately leaving for home tomorrow. See you all at the next competition at Windoor.

Thunder out…

Thunder ISR update from Dubai

Yo, four rounds on day two completed, we’re awesome!!!!!!!! Great recovery from yesterday’s second round, we moved up from place 11 to a shared fifth place with two other teams. The jumps went really great. We remained focussed, told ourselves not to push it. Round 5 we really nailed it, 31, fourth highest score for the round. We decided on round 8 not to take too much risk and stick to our standard routine, which worked out safe, yet still fast compared to our competition. Some of the competition took the risk and got hurt. We’re really pleased with today’s performance. We just have to stick to our normal plan and jump just a bit faster than we train. We’re having an awesome time.

Just did two rounds of 8way. A bit rough start in the first jump, but the second jump we again nailed it. Really awesome to do 8way at this level. Just prepared for round 7. Make sure to follow us live on:

Thunder out…

Thunder ISR update from Dubai

Competition day 1 finished, just about to start day two. Yesterday four rounds 4way and 4 rounds 8way. We showed excellent performance on rounds 1, 3 and 4. Just round 2 we had a breakdown, a key bust and a brainlock cost us at least 3 points. Over ten rounds you expect to have some issues, but preferably you don’t want to have them in the beginning of the competition. So far, in the history of Thunder ISR, this is by far the strongest competition we have ever been in. We practically only miss Rythem XP and Carolina Turbo, all the rest are competing her at the Clash of Champions. We will be battling hard to make it to the top 10, and with good performance we should have a very good chance achieving that. Airspeed, Weembi and Hayabusa are performing really well. Great to see them perform at this level, its just that there’s a bunch of other teams just behind them which are performing excellent as well. The Golden Knights girls team is flying awesome since we saw them last time in Bedord. At that competitions they were referencing themselves with us, now we it’s the other way around. After 4 rounds we’re at 11th place but very close the teams above us. It’s going to be tight.

After the 4way we immediately started with 8way. This is so much fun!!!! First time real competition experience and performing already at the highest level, competing with Tanay and the French National team. And that with only 1 and a half hours of tunnel training and 50 jumps. We’re doing really well, a minor glitch in round 3, and we’re now only two points behind Tanay for the third place. Pressure is on for Tanay, we just have a blast and working hard to get closer to them.

Now up for round 4 in 4way, 7-O-15. It’s going to be a speed round.

Thunder out…

Follow the competition live at:

Thunder ISR update from Dubai

Ola, a new update from Thunder ISR. After having spend two days being overwhelmed by Dubai city and playing like kids in the slides of the Atlantis Aquapark, today we were back in the tunnel. The alarm was set at 5 am, we had tunnel sessions scheduled at 6:30 and 7:30 with Thunder ISR, and at 11:00 and 12:00 with Tund8rbirds. The early start did have an effect on the jumps, though in the end we were flying again like we used to. Some quick 8way briefing with Thund8rbirds and than our first experience with this tunnel in 8way. With some challenging blocks we managed to show some good skydiving, which has built our confidence. Now just completed the speed setting sessions with 4 and 8 way, so we’re all set. We’re waiting now for the draw which will start at 18:30. At 9 am tomorrow the competition starts, first with four rounds of 4way, than followed by 8way. Looking forward very much to the competition, especially as there will be strong competition. It’s practically a reunion of past and current world top teams. Nice to be part of it. The organization is really great, with smooth operations in a Dubai atmosphere. Live streaming and competition results you can find via:
…and via:
Thunder out…

Thunder ISR is attending Clash of Champions in Dubai

“We are proud to announce that our home team ,Thunder ISR, will be representing  Indoor Skydive Roosendaal at the “Clash of Champions”, indoor competition in Dubai.  Even though this event coincides with our Grand Prix 2015, we believe that the world’s best amateur team should be battling with the world’s top teams at this competition.  Besides, in the traditional 4-way competition, Thunder ISR will also compete in the 8-way together with world champions HayaBusa, who also have their roots at Indoor Skydive Roosendaal.”

Team Thunder regrets not being able to participate at this years ISR GP. “Unfortunately we will not be participating at this year’s ISR Grand Prix at our home tunnel in Roosendaal.  In consultation with ISR, we both believe that it makes sense to have an ISR team in Dubai and that is why we will be representing ISR at this event.  We are thrilled to be given this opportunity and to be able to compete in both 4-way and 8-way, together with HayaBusa, who have also their roots at ISR. Of course we will be supporting all teams at the ISR GP and we will follow the scores closely.”

There are only a few days left…

We are glad to announce that already 31 teams will be participating on the 28th of November. This is your last chance to register your team with an early bird discount. This discount will be given until the 28th of September.

When you also would like to join the ISRGP 2015 with a D2W competition for the first time, don’t forget to register your team and make sure you will be there!

ISR Grand Prix includes artistics

Dynamic freeflying is taking over the freeflying scene throughout the world at this moment. Reason enough for the ISR GP competition to embrace this concept and to add dynamic freeflying to their disciplines. For this first edition we have chosen to fly D2W only. Have a look on for example videos

In compliance with the adaptation of dynamic freeflying by the FAI/IPC, the Dutch federation KNVvL will grant the first ever official annual Dutch champions titles for the best 3 placed Dutch teams. The first placed Dutch team will have the opportunity to officially represent the Netherlands at the world championships indoor skydiving (the first historical edition is this year in Prague). Besides that ISR GP will award the best 3 teams overall.

We will host a D2W competition over 8 rounds, 4 free rounds and 4 speed rounds. The divepool and rules will follow the FAI/IPC guidelines for artistics events, to be found at Because all the dynamic competions so far have been exclusively with top end flyers, we are trying to open up the entry level and make this a very low intimidating competition. In the spirit of our overall meet, creating a fairly large competition for debuting teams. This is the perfect opportunity to try out your first dynamic competition and we encourage any coaches out there to participate with your students who just learned the divepool.

ISR Grand Prix report by Thunder ISR

Last competition of Thunder ISR in 2014 completed. First place at the ISR Grand Prix, not really a surprise, but with our highest indoor average thus far 28,4. Not bad for a bunch of ‘weekend warriors’. Although not possible to compare tunnel scores, each tunnel is different, in our opinion we’ve again improved ourselves. The jumps actually went really well, no major issues. We’ve become more consistent, also in B-slots. Many thanks to Indoor Skydive Roosendaal for the support to make this possible, we really appreciate it.

Like earlier grand prix’s at ISR a perfect organization and a record number of teams from quite a number of countries. Nice to see that particularly from Italy many teams participated in several categories. In between rounds all Thunder ISR members were coaching a total of 8 teams. Thunder ISR has been working with these teams throughout the year at ISR, and therefore Thunder ISR wanted to make sure they completed their season with an excellent competition. Thunder ISR tunnel coaching will continue and new camps have already been scheduled. Contact us if you want to join the camps, either individually or as a team. We have seen the benefit of our coaching with ‘our’ teams.

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We are really looking forward to the next competitions, Windgames in Empuria in January, and the World Challenge in Bedford in April, where we will have serious competition. In the meantime we continue to train hard as we still see room for further improvement, and of course we can’t get enough of it. Planning for 2015 is mostly completed, another year of great training, competitions, and of course raising our average. Another great development is that Thunder ISR and Hayabusa will join to train 8-way. Outdoor training dates are set, world class coaching arranged, Thunder ISR and Hayabusa are gonna rock 8-way. Will be interesting to see how well we will do compared to the top 8-way teams. We still need to think of a team name, any suggestions?

Thanks to all our sponsors and supporters for a great year. Great to see everybody keeps having an interest in us weekend warriors. We will be back in 2015 for another great year.

Thunder ISR out…

Final scores ISR Grand Prix 2014

The 5th edition of the ISR GP was a great success with 55 teams from 8 different countries. Thunder ISR ended on the first place in the AAA category for the 4th time in a row. An outstanding achievement with 227 points and an average of 28.4 for Thunder ISR. M4trix ended second with 178 points and Creeps third with 177 points.

In the AA category the Italian team Spritz ended on the first place with Blue Rebels in second place with only 2 points behind. Fast forward completed the podium with a third place.

In the A category Papa Foxtrot won the ISR GP with a total of 166 points and an average of 20.8. Hoppaaaa ended second with 150 points and Spacials completed the podium with 139 points.

In the Rookie category Ghost Team bfu won with big distance. At the end they have 157 points in total with an average of 19.6. Second place for The Falling Stones with 129 points and third place for Fly Bye with 119 points.