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ISR Grand Prix includes artistics

Dynamic freeflying is taking over the freeflying scene throughout the world at this moment. Reason enough for the ISR GP competition to embrace this concept and to add dynamic freeflying to their disciplines. For this first edition we have chosen to fly D2W only. Have a look on for example videos

In compliance with the adaptation of dynamic freeflying by the FAI/IPC, the Dutch federation KNVvL will grant the first ever official annual Dutch champions titles for the best 3 placed Dutch teams. The first placed Dutch team will have the opportunity to officially represent the Netherlands at the world championships indoor skydiving (the first historical edition is this year in Prague). Besides that ISR GP will award the best 3 teams overall.

We will host a D2W competition over 8 rounds, 4 free rounds and 4 speed rounds. The divepool and rules will follow the FAI/IPC guidelines for artistics events, to be found at Because all the dynamic competions so far have been exclusively with top end flyers, we are trying to open up the entry level and make this a very low intimidating competition. In the spirit of our overall meet, creating a fairly large competition for debuting teams. This is the perfect opportunity to try out your first dynamic competition and we encourage any coaches out there to participate with your students who just learned the divepool.

ISR Grand Prix report by Thunder ISR

Last competition of Thunder ISR in 2014 completed. First place at the ISR Grand Prix, not really a surprise, but with our highest indoor average thus far 28,4. Not bad for a bunch of ‘weekend warriors’. Although not possible to compare tunnel scores, each tunnel is different, in our opinion we’ve again improved ourselves. The jumps actually went really well, no major issues. We’ve become more consistent, also in B-slots. Many thanks to Indoor Skydive Roosendaal for the support to make this possible, we really appreciate it.

Like earlier grand prix’s at ISR a perfect organization and a record number of teams from quite a number of countries. Nice to see that particularly from Italy many teams participated in several categories. In between rounds all Thunder ISR members were coaching a total of 8 teams. Thunder ISR has been working with these teams throughout the year at ISR, and therefore Thunder ISR wanted to make sure they completed their season with an excellent competition. Thunder ISR tunnel coaching will continue and new camps have already been scheduled. Contact us if you want to join the camps, either individually or as a team. We have seen the benefit of our coaching with ‘our’ teams.

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We are really looking forward to the next competitions, Windgames in Empuria in January, and the World Challenge in Bedford in April, where we will have serious competition. In the meantime we continue to train hard as we still see room for further improvement, and of course we can’t get enough of it. Planning for 2015 is mostly completed, another year of great training, competitions, and of course raising our average. Another great development is that Thunder ISR and Hayabusa will join to train 8-way. Outdoor training dates are set, world class coaching arranged, Thunder ISR and Hayabusa are gonna rock 8-way. Will be interesting to see how well we will do compared to the top 8-way teams. We still need to think of a team name, any suggestions?

Thanks to all our sponsors and supporters for a great year. Great to see everybody keeps having an interest in us weekend warriors. We will be back in 2015 for another great year.

Thunder ISR out…

Final scores ISR Grand Prix 2014

The 5th edition of the ISR GP was a great success with 55 teams from 8 different countries. Thunder ISR ended on the first place in the AAA category for the 4th time in a row. An outstanding achievement with 227 points and an average of 28.4 for Thunder ISR. M4trix ended second with 178 points and Creeps third with 177 points.

In the AA category the Italian team Spritz ended on the first place with Blue Rebels in second place with only 2 points behind. Fast forward completed the podium with a third place.

In the A category Papa Foxtrot won the ISR GP with a total of 166 points and an average of 20.8. Hoppaaaa ended second with 150 points and Spacials completed the podium with 139 points.

In the Rookie category Ghost Team bfu won with big distance. At the end they have 157 points in total with an average of 19.6. Second place for The Falling Stones with 129 points and third place for Fly Bye with 119 points.




ISR Grand Prix Event update

Dear Competitors,

We want to thank you for your registration for the Indoor Skydive Roosendaal Grand Prix 2014. This edition is going to be bigger and better than last year. We accomplished to have 55 participating teams, from 8 different countries. This event definitely is evolving to become another major international skydive event. And we are proud to have you all in!

Besides the competition aspect, we want this event to be the meeting point of international skydivers and a great day for all teams from all different levels.

This update includes further information about the competition day.
✔ Global time schedule
✔ Teams
✔ Flying schedule
✔ Practical information
✔ Training
✔ Communication
✔ Food & Beverage @ Restaurant The Swoop
✔ Accommodation
✔ Location

Thanks again everybody for joining this fantastic event!

Download the latest event information about the ISR Grand Prix 2014

Yours sincerely
ISR GP 2014 organization
Indoor Skydive Roosendaal

ISR Grand Prix officially recognized as the Dutch Championship indoor skydiving

This year, the FAI/IPC accepted indoor skydiving as an official discipline and hosted its first Worldcup in Austin. This is a big step forward for the integration of windtunnel competitions for skydivers.

The department parachuting of the KNVvL (the Dutch Skydiving federation) has followed this example and granted the ISR Grand Prix to be the official Dutch Championship Indoor Skydiving. The title Dutch Champion for the international IPC category (triple A) will be given to the team with the highest total score over all the validated rounds. Furthermore, the winners in the dedicated NSL categories double A, single A and Rookie. This KNVvL championship will also be a selection competition for the IPC Worlcup Indoor Skydiving 2015. In order to be eligible in receiving the title Dutch Champion (triple A category) all team members should hold a valid KNVvL FAI sporting license.

Indoor Skydive Roosendaal is very proud that the ISR Grand Prix has grown into such a strong competition and in receiving this acknowledgement from the KNVvL.

Lunch and dinner package

This year Restaurant The Swoop has a special offer for all competitors. They offer a special ISR Grand Prix lunch (lunchbox) and dinner (buffet) for only €22,50 p.p. at restaurant the Swoop. This lunch and dinner is perfect for the tight time schedule of the competition.

Registration is possible until the 20th of November (

Besides that, all teams will get access to their own team account at the bar (this will be the same as your team number). On this account you can order food and drinks.

We are very happy that they provide this option, please be aware to pay the whole bill by your team captain at the end of the day.

New entry procedure for the 2014 edition

We have changed the entry procedure into the tunnel for the AAA and AA category according to the World Challenge 2014. Last year we used to start the working time from the moment the first flyer entered the flying chamber with either the head or the shoulder.

For this year we changed this procedure. The working time for a team now starts as soon as both feet of any flyer are released from the doorstep. This means you can simulate even a more natural exit procedure as done out of an airplane.

For the Rookie and A category the procedure stays the same. In these categories they start with the mandatory starting figure of a star. The time starts when this star is released to build the first formation. If the sequence starts with a star, the sequence should begin with the second point in order to prevent a confusing star-star start.

Download: ISR Grand Prix Competition rules

Thunder ISR wins Tomscat Trophy 2014!

Tomscat 2014 fully completed and in just two days. 2nd time in 20 years, and the 6th time that it was fully completed at all. Thunder ISR was there again, obviously as Paul’s tradition has to be continued. Like each time excellent organisation, smooth turn around getting teams up in the air and timely judged. Many thanks for the people who have made this possible.

Thunder ISR had a great competition. Unfortunately Grim was not able to attend so it was not completely the same. Luckily Hans Ypma offered to step-in. Although upfront we knew for us there’s not really a competition, just our own of passing the 22+ mark, and continuing to even pass the 23+ mark. Already after the first two rounds we had a feeling that we were on a roll. We jumped the rounds as if they were training jumps, that’s when we jump our best. We had good scores until round 5.

Obviously round 5 was the speed jump of the competition, D-9-A-E, that’s were we would have been able to boost our average tremendously. As you’ve been able to see from the score sheet, we only did 33. Having to step-in on short notice with no training jumps it was already difficult for Hans to pick-up our exit sequence, and with a D exit it was even harder to see the exit sequence. We analysed that our score would have been 14 points higher, obviously we don’t know what the judges would have scored us but we know we were doing extremely well right from the exit. So in our minds we scored a 47 which we are extremely exited about. Obviously we were quite disappointed, but no hard feelings towards Hans at all. He did an excellent job on all other rounds, without ever having jumped with us.

The last 5 rounds, which had some slower sequences in them, we did really well. We scored in total a 22,9 average, despite the 14 lost points. We also only had 2 busts, and very limited brain locks. So with the 14 missed points, and the 2 busts, we know we’re on a 24,5 speed level. Now we just need to show it on the score board. Although there was no competition, we really think we’re having a very good year. We’re really stepping up the speed overall, and we’re getting more confident with a lot of the blocks, real progress.

Thunder ISR is really proud of our teammate Paul. Nobody will disagree when we say he’s the most enthusiastic 4way skydiver in Holland and Belgium, possibly even in the world. It was good to see his enthusiasm and love for the sport was recognised by the KNVvL (Dutch National Aeroclub). Paul inspired and coached almost all Dutch FS4 skydivers at some point in their career, and he continues to do so. We’re lucky to have him in the team.

In our view we’re right up there with the very top. It’s just unfortunate that it’s difficult to find a real competition for us. Unfortunately, it seems the Shamrock is the only competition where the entire top field, incl. international teams, can meet. We keep hoping that a World Meet or World Cup organiser will allow in the near future international teams to participate, which is allowed according to the IPC rules (believe us, we’ve checked :-)).

Many thanks to our supporters: Indoor Skydive Roosendaal, Vigil, United Parachute Technologies, Performance Designs, Cookie Composites, Skydive Spa. Their support and their excellent products are instrumental for us to achieve our goal. Also many thanks for all other supporters, its always great to see how many are interested in the progress we’re making.


The next competition planned is the Belgian Nationals, where we will be meeting Hayabusa. Our goal there is to stay as close as possible, because they’re on a roll as well.

In the meantime we continue training, outside and in the tunnel. And also our tunnel camps are keeping us busy. Make sure to contact us for coaching, we’re happy to share our experience.

Thunder out…