ISR grand prix 2021
27th of november


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ISR Grand Prix

”Keep up the good work, see
you next year!”
– Gerard

”Thanks for organizing this great
– Rein

”It was a great day!”
– Margriet

ISR Grand Prix 2021

Indoor Skydive Roosendaal has decided to cancel the 11th edition of the ISR Grand Prix on the 28th of November 2020. Unfortunately we had to take this decision to minimize the spread of the Covid-19 virus. It’s never easy to see what lies ahead in the future but obviously we want our customers and staff to be safe and this is our highest priority. We hope everybody understands our decision and we hope everything will go back to normal so we can all make our normal (indoor) skydives all over the world again.

Save the date! The new date for the biggest international skydive event of the Benelux is already set. We would like to welcome you all on Saturday the 27th of November 2021 in Roosendaal. Pencil us in because you don’t want to miss this edition! Hopefully we see you next year in a normal environment!


The ISR Grand Prix is an annual event for skydivers. The ISR Grand Prix is every year on the last Saturday of November. For over years, the ISR Grand Prix is one of the biggest skydive events of the Benelux. All categories, from rookie until AAA, can participate. Each category flies over 8 rounds, excluding warming up. The early bird fee for participating is € 325,00 per team (register your team before the 26th of September). The regular fee for participating is € 375,00 per team. Lunch and dinner are excluded. If you would like to receive more information about the lunch and dinner packages, send us an e-mail (


Indoor skydiving is growing as a sport. It’s no longer a sport that is exclusive for professionals, it is a sport for everyone. The first time, flyers get a chance to interact with the amateur and professional teams. This interaction contributes to the continuity of our beautiful sport. Also, since 2014 FAI/IPC has adapted the indoor skydiving competitions as an official part of the world rankings, acknowledging the huge interest and potential from sponsors, media and participants. Many first time flyers have been infected with the virus and have started to train on their next level and even forming teams. Nowadays, the young guns are trending.

Indoor Skydive Roosendaal has always put their focus on the first time flyers and the rookie teams before the professional teams. High level competitions with big prize money attract many of these professional teams, which is great to see, but for a large portion of the starting teams this can be very intimidating. Realizing there was very little possibility for rookie teams to experience a nice officially judged competition, Roosendaal stepped up and made this possible.

The smooth organization and the high profile feel of the meet makes this a very unique competition. How often do we see these rookie teams competing with so little attention? We want to do this different. We still fly all 4 categories, but you will find that the bigger numbers of teams are in the rookie and single A category. We believe this helps to make the sport wider and deeper plus the interaction of recreational, amateur and professional. The team of Indoor Skydive Roosendaal is very proud to celebrate the 11th Grand Prix in 2021.